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Discover Vietnam otherwise, the capital, Hanoi, to discover the minority who inhabit the north-east and west, through literary Hue City Centre, and eventually explore the depths of the Mekong River, through the multiple villages and floating markets over living water. A drink while admiring an exhibition at Ketnoi the appointment of young contemporary artists from Hanoi, sleep in a charming guest house on stilts on Lake Thac Ba, hosted by a family enrolled in the community project Vie Vu Linh. Hiking in the mountains of Kontum (center of the country) with local guides speaking the dialect of each ethnic group and committed to the preservation of traditional culture and Jarai Bahnars. In the Mekong Delta, enjoy some wonderful days in Phuc Quoc Island, a paradise on earth known for its pearls, beautiful beaches, clear water ... Find a concentrate of good places to sustainable travel through Vietnam in a lightweight and convenient format to fit in your pocket in our quick guide Minh Anh Vietnam .

Love magic, unforgettable experience! In order not to miss the real Thailand, a homestay called CBT for community-based tourism, is obvious. Welcomed family, we dedicated a room in their home in general. Comfort can be basic but the minimum is always assured (mattresses and blankets, mosquito net, toilet and shower).

The typical meal delicious dishes are family, this is an opportunity to exchange family jokes and anecdotes about the cultural differences.

Many activities are offered by our guests: hiking, swimming in wild waterfalls, exploring the mangrove kayaking, etc.. It is interesting also to share their daily activities: growing rice, silk weaving, dyeing fabrics, produce latex, fish, etc..

According to the village, you can also lend a hand to teach English, participate in the construction of workshops, create community gardens, restore mangrove forests, etc..

The villagers themselves manage the organization and rates in lerespect their traditional life and their time. The benefits accrue entirely to families and sometimes a portion of the proceeds fueling a community fund that can repair the school, investing in a village shop or create actions to preserve biodiversity.

Many associations offer homestays in Thailand, in the regions of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Phang Nga, Surat Thani ..


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